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SpeedMatters for Estate Planning

  SpeedMatters for Estate Planning is an automated document production system for generating wills and powers of attorney/representation agreements for the Provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. It speeds handling of matters in the following ways:
    Gathering Facts
Complete an intelligent initial interview to gather information testator(s), executors, beneficiaries and document/ clause selections.
    Selecting People
Select from lawyers and staff for witnessing documents and create a master list of people, then assign them to roles.
    Re-using Answers
Save answers so they can be used to prepare any of the forms or documents.
    Sophisticated Logic
The software uses sophisticated logic to determine what clauses are inserted into the finished documents.
    Handling Optional Wording
Gender, singular/plural references and other optional wording for testators, executors and beneficiaries is handled automatically.
    Preparing Correspondence
Generate correspondence to client reporting on estate plan and enclosing account.
    Assembling Documents
In one step generate all necessary wills and powers of attorney, including mirror documents for both spouses and Affidavits of Execution.
    Editing Assembled Documents
You can fine-tune or customize the language of the assembled documents by editing them in Word before printing or saving them.
    Signature-Ready Documents
Attractive, accurate documents are often signature-ready without further editing.
    Storing Documents
Save documents to your document management or case management system.
    Price: $695/user/year (plus HST). Includes software, remote installation, webinar training, telephone/email technical support and updates as they are released.       Templates have been developed using industry-leading HotDocs document assembly software. We are Platinum Partners of HotDocs.


For more information or to order SpeedMatters for Estate Planning call 647-427-5512
or email doug@legalsystematics.com 

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