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SpeedMatters for Small Claims

  SpeedMatters for Small Claims software automates the preparation of the latest Ontario Small Claims Court forms in the following ways:
    Gathering Facts
Complete an initial interview for a Small Claim or garnishment proceeding to gather information about parties, debtors or staff.
    Selecting a Court
Select from a pre-populated list of Small Claims Courts to automatically complete Court name and address on forms.
    Re-using Answers
Save answers so they can be used to prepare any of the 40+ Small Claims Court forms and interest/payout summaries.
    Completing Form Details
Template-specific interviews ask for additional information needed to complete certain forms.
    Assembling Documents
Small Claims Court forms and interest/payout summaries are rapidly prepared from the information in the interviews.
    Editing Assembled Documents
Preview/amend forms before sending them to Acrobat. Some forms are available as Word templates, allowing additional formatting of the final document.
    Signature-Ready Documents
Attractive, accurate, signature-ready documents include Addenda for Additional Parties or Debtors (if any).
    Calculating Automatically
Some templates automatically perform calculations, such as prejudgment or post-judgment interest, thereby saving time and reducing errors.
    Price: $495/user/year plus HST. The price includes software, remote installation, webinar training, telephone/email technical support and updates as they are released.      Templates have been developed using industry-leading HotDocs document assembly software. We are Platinum Partners of HotDocs.


For more information or to order SpeedMatters for Small Claims call 647-427-5512
or email doug@legalsystematics.com 

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